Molly Simoa

Transaction Coordinator

Molly Simao got started in Real Estate in 2021 after speaking with Dawn about the role of a Transaction Coordinator. She felt like it would be a perfect fit for her, as she is a very organized individual and always had an interest in Real Estate. Molly then got her CAR Transaction Coordinator Certification, as well as getting her real estate license. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly, multiple subject teaching credentials, and her Masters in Mathematics Education.

Molly’s favorite thing about working in Real Estate is making the process of buying or selling a home as seamless as possible for everyone involved. While her job is primarily behind the scenes, she feels like it is her duty to make sure things run smoothly, so that our clients have a positive experience. Happy clients are the best part of her job. She also loves working with the Baltar Group and getting to work side by side with the agents. She enjoys making the agents’ experience seamless as well. A lot goes into buying or selling a home and clients should feel confident that their listing and/or escrow process is being handled correctly. Molly works hard to make sure everyone adheres to a timeline and that nothing falls through the cracks so that the clients are able to buy or sell their home successfully.

Molly love spending time with my family and friends. She and her husband enjoy taking their kids on walks or hikes. She also loves to exercise and read in my free time.

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